Vision on gene editing

Using gene editing to create genetic changes comes with big responsibilities. At Hendrix Genetics, we dedicate ourselves to research the application of gene editing, and closely follow the research and progress of our peers. At this moment, there are simply still too many questions about which parts of the DNA link to which traits. In order to apply gene editing responsibly.
Today’s knowledge tells us that qualities or traits are usually not found in just one single gene, but in fact are the result of a large number of genes that collaborate in different parts of the DNA. Therefore, cutting and pasting single genes in the DNA could lead to unwanted side effects. And what they would be, nobody knows.

Yet. Although we are interested to find out, we are reluctant to release gene editing into the chain without proper research. Because it will eventually reach consumers. We do not consider gene editing for the improvement in efficiency or product quality. We don’t need to. With our current breeding technologies and our current natural selection process the efficiency and quality of our animals improve with each new generation. Breeding is easier, cheaper and more effective. We believe that gene editing might provide a breakthrough, where we currently lack the possibilities to make a change. Finding answers is what we aim for at Hendrix Genetics. For now, we’re happy to stick to better breeding today, for a brighter life tomorrow.

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