Our company


We are dedicated to generating solutions for the animal protein sector that meet the challenges of food production. Backed by a strong portfolio of leading brands, Hendrix Genetics provides expertise and resources to producers worldwide.

With respect and care for people, animals and the environment, Hendrix Genetics is committed to delivering better breeding today, for a brighter life tomorrow.


The demand for food continues to grow. The world’s population, as well as the world’s per capita animal consumption, grows every year and is not expected to slow down. We must find a way to feed the world, while also advancing rural development, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and protecting valuable ecosystems

To address this pressing issue, our mission is to support the global food challenge with high quality animal genetics. This mission is the guiding purpose behind everything we do. High quality genetics play an important role in reducing the amount of resources needed to feed, house and transport animals in the value chain. To maintain high quality animal genetics, continuous improvement in our breeding programs, day after day, year after year is required for what we do. We are dedicated to contributing to all of our breeding programs in order to ensure our products achieve their maximum potential. Learn more about our mission.


Our continuous efforts to produce high-quality genetics bring us closer to our future goal to set the standard for sustainable animal breeding. Sustainable animal breeding standards currently do not exist, but they are needed in order to feed a growing world population in a way that can be sustained continuously for many years to come.

Sustainable initiatives can exist in multiple contexts. Economic, social, and environmental sustainability standards each contribute to a better future. By working together towards setting these standards, we can feed our world with healthy, ethical, and sustainable animal protein. Learn more about our vision.


Better breeding today, brighter life tomorrow is our guiding motto. We aim to create a brighter, more sustainable future with high quality genetic solutions. Innovation, collaboration, and sustainability contribute towards value creation for the entire chain. Learn more about our motto.


With 3,500 employees and operations in 25 countries, Hendrix Genetics has grown from a small family business to a global leader in animal breeding. through organic growth, acquisitions and mergers, our organization has maintained its legacy as a family-run and owned company. With every organization that has joined Hendrix Genetics, we have ensured that our shared values and rich history is preserved. Learn how we embrace the past to catch the future.

Corporate governance

In order to lead forward and set the standard for sustainable breeding, we are anchored by a key group of shareholders, supervisory board members, and executive committee members. Learn more about the structure and individuals that make up our corporate governance.

Sustainability program

We want to help feed a growing world population in a sustainable manner. Our role is to deliver a positive and lasting impact on the animals we breed, the people we work with, and the environment we live in. To support this, our sustainability program was created to contribute to a brighter future that ensures the well-being of present and future generations.