Laying hen breeding

Our six brands: offering a solution for every laying hen need

Hendrix Genetics is one of the world’s leading laying hen breeders and distributors of white and brown layers. We offer a regional approach for each market by providing six different layer brands. Learn more about each brand offering.

This range of well-known brands allows us to offer customized solutions to customers in every climate. As well as using various housing systems, for each unique market preference. Our extensive history and years of knowledge was built from our Research & Development program. All this has led to reliable performance for egg producers. Our base of knowledge and experience gives us the tools to provide high-quality products and services to the egg value chain.

The key to our success is the extended laying cycle adopted in our breeding program. With this approach our laying hens lay more top quality eggs for an extended period, leading to:

  • Stronger and happier laying hens
  • Prolonged life for each hen
  • Less frequent replacements
  • More sustainable production in total
  • Higher earnings for producers

This sustainable strategy benefits the birds, egg producers, and the environment. We are committed to delivering better breeding today, for a brighter life tomorrow.

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