Traditional poultry

Colored broilers in their natural environment

Colored broiler breeding

Since 2017 Hendrix Genetics is actively involved in breeding traditional broilers with our brand SASSO. A logical step as traditional broilers is the largest segment in traditional poultry.

SASSO has been involved in the breeding of traditional broilers since the late 60s when the first ‘Label Rouge’ poultry was created. To provide the producers with French day old chicks, SASSO was founded, dedicated to the selection of traditional colored lines.

With the extensive product portfolio of SASSO added to the business, we are now able to offer: red chickens, naked-neck yellow skin, red with white skin, naked-neck black feathers and so on. The various traditional breeds offer a chance to enjoy the true taste of tradition

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Cartier Turkey

Traditional turkey breeding

Our portfolio of traditional turkeys consists of different breeds that still retain historic characteristics that you hardly see any longer since the mid-20th century. Traditional, heritage turkeys have a relatively longer lifespan and a slower growth rate.

Through our breeding program we aim to preserve the natural characteristics of the breed, while at the same time breed for robustness and taste for commercial environments.

Today, we breed different strains of bronze, black and white turkeys of different origin, different conformation and different final weights. More important, they all carry the taste of tradition we want to preserve.

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Guinea Fowl
Guinea fowl are very popular in French cuisine

Guinea fowl breeding

Guinea Fowls originally came from sub-Saharan regions. The domesticated Guinea Fowl is derived from one of several wild species on what used to be called the Guinea Coast of Africa.

The breed was taken by colonists to many other parts of the world. The farm-raised guinea fowl of today is the helmeted guinea fowl. Unlike all other guinea fowl, it has a horn-like 'helmet' on its head.

Hendrix Genetics has been involved in the production and distribution of day-old guinea fowl chicks in France for decades. We decided only a few years ago to set up our own breeding program to offer choice to producers. Through our global network, we aim to bring a fantastic culinary experience to more and more consumers around the world.

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From dark brown to blue, eggs come in many colors

Traditional layer breeding

Since the start of Hendrix Genetics breeding of laying hens is an important part of our company. Through acquisition and consolidation Hendrix Genetics has gathered a wide variety of lines. Beside the application of this genetic diversity in professional breeding programs aimed at performance and quality, we supply the original breeds to niche markets.

The rising trend of free range and the addition of eggs to the 'Label Rouge' concept in 1998, traditional layers have become popular again with a wider audience.

Traditional layer breeding is beside the colors of the feathers, very much focused on egg color and appearance. Customers are clearly looking more and more for differentiation in their egg consumption.