Swine breeding

Swine breeding is increasing total system profitability

Swine breeding will become more profitable if we collaborate. The swine breeding brand of Hendrix Genetics is Hypor. Hypor focuses on linking the factors that influence total system profitability. We aim to maximize the bottom line instead of performance in a single trait or phase.


Hypor's genetics and production philosophy

In ‘Total System Profitability’, the pork value chain will be more profitable, efficient and effective when the entire value chain collaborates, innovates and looks for a sustainable future while creating value for all.

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Best pork or most pork?

Balance is the key word for the geneticists for swine breeding. Everything is connected. Performance in one phase has connections upstream and downstream. Cost, revenue and performance are also interconnected. With the swine portfolio of Hypor you can choose ‘the best meat or most meat at least cost of production’.

More on swine breeding at Hypor
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