Corporate governance


Hendrix Genetics was founded in 2005 and has evolved through organic growth, acquisition and the integration of leading genetics companies. We serve the animal protein value chain with genetic solutions in laying hens, turkeys, traditional poultry, swine, salmon, trout, and shrimp. Our organization has grown from a small family business to a global leader in animal breeding.

In order to lead forward and set the standard for sustainable breeding, we are anchored by a key group of shareholders, supervisory board members, and executive committee members.

Hendrix Genetics is a family-owned company with the majority held by the Hendrix Family. The minority shareholders are NPM Capital and Family Van den Berg.
For NPM Capital, one of the strategic minority shareholders since 2015, Hendrix Genetics is part of its portfolio of approximately 26 medium and large businesses that operate in a range of sectors from food to e-commerce, energy and healthcare.

Supervisory board

Thijs_Hendrix_SB (1).jpg

Thijs Hendrix, Président & Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Thijs Hendrix is a farmer and entrepreneur, as his father Harry Hendrix (1926-2010) and his grandfather Thijs Hendrix (1884-1954). Through Hendrix Genetics, a company he co-founded with Antoon van den Berg, he continues to focus on growth and consolidation opportunities in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, in animal breeding and life sciences.

Antoon_van_den_Berg_SB (1).jpg

Antoon van den Berg
Antoon van den Berg is a business leader who co-founded Hendrix Genetics with Thijs Hendrix in 2005. While at Hendrix Genetics, he successfully held the role of Chief Executive Officer for 16 years and led the company through its formative years of growth. Prior this, Antoon held various high-level positions at Nutreco for 20 years.

Aalt_Dijkhuizen_SB (1).jpg

Aalt Dijkhuizen
Aalt Dijkhuizen is a non-executive director and advisor for several notable organizations. Along with being a member of Hendrix Genetics’ supervisory board, he is currently a co-director for the Holland Center China, member of the Food & Agri Business advisory board, and chairman of the supervisory board for the Ploeger Oxbo Group.

Rutger_Ruigrok_SB (1).jpg

Rutger Ruigrok
Along with being a member of Hendrix Genetics’ supervisory board, Rutger Ruigro is a managing director at NPM Capital. He is also a supervisory board member for Bergman Clinics B.V., Kramp, and Ploeger Oxbo Group B.V.

Jerry_Moye_SB (1).jpg

Jerry Moye
Jerry Moye has over 30 years of experience in the poultry industry, with expertise in broilers. He has held high-level management positions at Cobb-Vantress and brings a wealth of knowledge to his role as a member of the supervisory board.

Executive committee

Jolanda_van_Haarlem_CEO_2 (1).jpg

Jolanda van Haarlem, Chief Executive Officer
Jolanda is an experienced business leader with extensive international management experience in agribusiness and animal nutrition. Prior to joining Hendrix Genetics, she held high-level management positions at Cargill, including the director of Cargill Animal Nutrition for Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Russia. Jolanda is a well-rounded leader with all the required skills to take Hendrix Genetics into a new era of excellence.

Raf_Beeren_COO (1).jpg

Raf Beeren, Chief Operating Officer
Raf has been a long-time member of the Hendrix Genetics team and has delivered strong results for the organization and clients around the world. He most recently led the Turkeys Business Unit as Managing Director and prior to that, led the Swine Business Unit for six years. In his role as Chief Operating Officer, Raf will be responsible for leading the business units towards operational excellence with a fully optimized organization.

Mariette_Ferrari_CFO (1).jpg

Mariette Ferrari, Chief Financial Officer
Prior to joining Hendrix Genetics, she held the position of Corporate Finance Director at Marel Holding. In her role as Chief Financial Officer, Mariette will be leading the organization to deliver sustainable bottom-line results.

Johan_van_Arendonk_CITO (1).jpg

Johan van Arendonk, Chief Innovation & Technology Officer
Johan joined Hendrix Genetics in 2016 as Chief Innovation & Technology Officer. He has deep scientific roots in the field of animal breeding, genetics, and technology through his top-level positions, including Dean of Science, at Wageningen University in the Netherlands. In his role as Chief Innovation & Technology Officer, Johan will be responsible for research & development, the company’s sustainability program and innovation portfolio.

Management committee

  • Hans Piters, Managing Director Layers | LinkedIn
  • Alan Rickard, Managing Director Turkeys | LinkedIn
  • Joop Kersten, Managing Director Swine | LinkedIn
  • Albert van Driel, General Counsel | LinkedIn
  • Peter Pluk, Director Human Resources | LinkedIn
  • Rob Kremers, Director Information Technology | LinkedIn
  • Marcel Huijsmans, Director Marketing & Communications | LinkedIn