Animal breeding

Hendrix Genetics' philosophy on animal breeding and genetics.

What is animal breeding?

Animal breeding focuses on producing improved offspring. Genes determine many of the desirable qualities of an animal. We select animals with desirable qualities and breed them to produce even better offspring.

We specialize in multiple species

Animal breeding can help improve many qualities, such as:

  • survivability;
  • growth;
  • quality;
  • feed conversion rate;
  • meat characteristics;
  • animal welfare;
  • and many more.

In all our activities we focus on Better Breeding Today for a Brighter Life Tomorrow.

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It all began with domestication

Animals have been kept and bred by humans for more than 10,000 years. The animals that best fit our needs were chosen for the next generation. Domestication created many different breeds that wouldn’t have otherwise existed.

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Professionalization of farm animal breeding

Farming evolved into a business. Farmers valued traits in animals that would increase their productivity. Animals that performed best were selected as parents for the next generation. Improvements were made on traits that could be seen and had a reasonable heritability. This is known as phenotypic selection.

Sow selection