Animal research

Research is important in animal breeding

Hendrix Genetics aims to help the world meet the growing demand for food. Continuous research enables us to make animal breeding as effective as possible. This provides the animal protein value chain with innovative and sustainable genetic solutions.

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How do we define which qualities to focus on?

Consumer demands define production. The value chain and all its partners adjust to meet their needs.

Processors choose protein products with the desired characteristics. Packers translate demands into a specifications. Producers focus on efficient production to ensure consistent supply. Distributors produce and select the best breeding stock and organize the gene flow.

Hendrix Genetics aims to create value for the entire animal protein value chain. We focus on traits and technologies that benefit our industry partners. Success requires collaboration, innovation and sustainable solutions.

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What are breeding values?

We select animals based on a set of desirable traits, such as those associated with:

· Survivability
· Growth
· Quality
· Feed conversion rate
· Final product characteristics
· Animal welfare
· And many more

An individual animal’s breeding value is the total sum of its desirable traits.

Turkeys testing

How are breeding values calculated?

Sophisticated statistical models estimate an animal’s breeding value (or genetic value). They rely on a wide variety of measurements. To increase accuracy, we add genetic information using the latest technology. Within days of the animal’s birth, we collect a special ‘DNA-tag’ from a blood or tissue sample. All the information collected is used to calculate a breeding value.

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Genetic markers to map an animal's DNA

The DNA sample is mapped out and analyzed in Hendrix Genetics’ Research Lab. Large numbers of genetic markers are spread across the entire genome. Finding the right set or combination of markers helps us to steer on the characteristics of interest. This is what makes mapping possible.