Setting the standard for sustainable animal breeding

Our vision statement sums up our aspiration for the future and where our mission will take us. We believe that we have the opportunity to lead forward in setting the standard for sustainable animal breeding. 

Sustainable animal breeding standards currently do not exist, but they are needed in order to feed a growing world population in a way that can be sustained continuously for many years to come. To create these standards, we look at multiple factors. Food safety, animal welfare, environmental impact, responsible consumption, and societal wellbeing are placed in different contexts depending on the region and country. By breeding the right animal with the right quality for the right region or the right group of consumers, we will address the right mix of sustainability topics and maintain our mission to support the global food challenge.

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We are committed to setting the standard by leading by example through:

  • Improved biosecurity.
  • Incremental genetic progress to improve efficiency of protein production.
  • Balanced breeding programs that maximize value for all parts of the protein value chain, including consumers.
  • Improved survivability of animals to capture the full value of their genetics.
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

At Hendrix Genetics, we always look for innovative, sustainable solutions, together with the entire animal protein value chain. Positioned at the start of the chain, we have a strong influence. Hendrix Genetics’ vision for setting the standard for sustainable animal breeding will deliver solutions to help feed the world and build a sustainable future.