Supporting the global food challenge with high-quality animal genetics

With the world’s population expected to grow to 9.6 billion people by 2050, we need to strategize collectively on how we can feed this growing population. Through our mission of supporting the global food challenge with high quality animal genetics we believe we can be part of the solution.

Figuring out how to best feed all these people is not an easy task. We must produce even more food while also advancing rural development, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and while continuing to protect our valuable ecosystems. By starting with high quality animal genetics, we can secure a safe, worldwide supply of food and reduce the impact farming has on the environment.

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Hendrix Genetics invests in new ways to analyze and select animals that are more efficient with every new generation, leading to reduced use of resources for feeding, housing, and transporting animals in the value chain. This results in an overall shift of reduced carbon footprint when feeding the world’s population.

To maintain high quality animal genetics, continuous improvement day after day, year after year is required for what we do. We are dedicated to contributing to all of our breeding programs in order to ensure our products achieve their maximum potential.

With our day-to-day initiatives contributing towards our mission today, our overlying vision helps guide our organization in everything we do. Our vision to set the standard for sustainable animal breeding will continue to support the global food challenge for the future.