Salmon breeding

Our philosophy for salmon breeding

Our focus in salmon is to breed for high quality salmon eggs and smolts with the best survival, health and growth rates possible. Our genetic brand, Landcatch, contributes to the success of salmon producers as well as the development of the global salmon industry. This is done with effective solutions and a bio secure environment… right from the start.


Facilities in multiple salmon producing countries

Hendrix Genetics has a strong worldwide presence. We have production sites in Chile and Scotland (UK). These are two of the three top salmon-producing countries in the world. This enables us to leverage the ideal water conditions for the growth and maintenance of our breeding stock.

Landcatch Facility

Global benefits as a multi-species company

Breeding programs and global production sites are steered by one, central R&D team. This allows us to rapidly develop our salmon strains to meet the demands of international markets . At the same time we adapt our salmon strains to local situations and environmental challenges.

HG R&D Tissue samples Hypor_Landcatch and blood samples ISA_Hybrid.jpg

Delivering results right from the start

Our state-of-the-art salmon breeding facilities and research lab are built to the highest standards. We have world class production of genetically superior, disease-free, salmon eggs. Our balanced breeding approach will deliver more growth and survivability with the specific traits that your region requires.

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