Trout breeding

Our trout breeding philosophy

Our genetic brand, Troutlodge, is the world’s leading supplier of superior trout genetics. We supply over 500 million premium trout eggs year-round to trout farmers globally. Through our innovative breeding program, we deliver high quality, pathogen-free certified products and support. Trout farming becomes easy with Troutlodge. Through world-class collaboration, we aim to contribute to the growth of the trout farming industry. We do this by producing quality trout eggs, effective solutions and a biosecure environment.

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Quality trout genetics for superb trout farming

Our trout eggs are hand-picked to ensure the best quality in Rainbow-, Silver Steelhead- and Albino trout. We offer all-female and triploid eggs. We are known for our high health status, industry leading quality certifications, and our focus on R&D. Our products are certified pathogen-free, according to OIE criteria. We work to GLOBAL G.A.P. (Good Agricultural Practice) standards and adhere to strict:

  • Traceability
  • Record-keeping
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Independent audits

Through these standards, this we guarantee 90% hatchability.

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World class collaboration

We partner with trout producers, veterinarians, feed companies, universities and influential organizations all over the world. Within our 70 years of success, a good reputation and two-way partnership is established. Our aim is to help guide our trout farming customers to the next level.

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Innovative trout breeding program

Through leveraging the global network of breeding facilities and world-class genetic expertise of Hendrix Genetics, we can achieve accelerated genetic progress in trout farming through access to more sophisticated tools and immense data handling capacity. This enhances genetic progress in our breeding program in basic areas, such as improving the quality of end-products, the growth rate of fish and their yield, as well as breakthroughs.

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