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About Hendrix Genetics

Hendrix Genetics is a multi-species animal breeding, genetics and technology company that is passionate about animal breeding. We have breeding programs in laying hens, turkeys, traditional poultry, swine, salmon, shrimp and trout.

We look for innovative, sustainable solutions, together with the entire animal protein value chain. At the start of the chain, we have an influence on the outcome. For example, our responsible use of antibiotics program benefits producers and consumers. For us, better breeding today, means a brighter life tomorrow.

We aim to produce animals that thrive under all conditions. We strive to create value from breeding through to the consumer. Our programs are based on our breeding philosophies. Every Hendrix Genetics brand has its own breeding program. Each is tailored to their market.

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The sustainable protein journey

Latest News

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Inspiring global R&D days

Last week, Hendrix Genetics R&D team convened for an inspiring three-day gathering in Wageningen, where people from across various units of our company united.

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Hendrix Genetics secures grant to provide affordable, high-quality chickens to African farmers

Hendrix Genetics receives grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to develop and deliver chickens that will improve the lives of small-scale African poultry farmers.

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Researchers uncover new turkey genome sequence

A recent study from the Wageningen University & Research and Hendrix Genetics (Hybrid Turkeys) has uncovered a new sequence of the turkey genome.

Sustainable standards

Our goal is to breeding the right animal for the right region or group of consumers, while steering the way with sustainable standards. Sustainable animal breeding standards have yet to be established, but we are steadily working towards this vision through collaboration with the entire value chain. New sustainable standards should deliver products that are safe, secure the supply and prevent health challenges. These standards should also focus on animal welfare and other social standards. In this section, you will learn all about the current and future opportunities we are exploring in order to create a more sustainable industry.

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Animal genetic solutions

Genetic solutions are one piece of the puzzle in solving the global food challenge. High-quality animal genetics provide economic gains, support socially accepted processes, and consider environment impact. We focus on getting the best ROI as well as happy and healthy animals, so they are resilient in all kinds of production systems. In this section, learn all about the amazing power of genetics. High-quality genetics not only hit the required performance targets, they create a more sustainable industry from an economic, social, and environmental perspective.

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Global food challenges

The world’s population is expected to grow to 9.6 billion people by 2050. In addition to population growth, the world’s per capita animal protein consumption is also growing. The global food challenge has multiple components. Economic volatility, social questions, and environmental pressure are all areas where the global food system can be optimized. Delivering high-quality animal genetics is our main contribution to solving the global food challenge. But we also aim to analyze economic, social, and environmental pressures. By understanding these issues, we can find the right solutions and address producers’ concerns.

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