What is gene editing?

Gene editing is replacing a specific part of the DNA with a more suitable part. Although replacing parts of the DNA in itself is not new, gene editing is. With gene editing, it is possible to cut and paste at specific locations within the DNA with such accuracy that repairing genetic defects or eliminating certain traits becomes feasible.
That could be an important breakthrough within genetics, and as a result, a spectacular revolution for breeding animal protein. Especially when you take into consideration that when applied in a very early stage, changes made within the DNA is passed on to offspring.
Wouldn’t it be fantastic if culling male chicks was no longer needed, because we could simply breed only females? And wouldn’t it be great if we could eliminate boar taint so that male piglet castration wasn’t necessary? In theory, gene editing could make all that possible.
In practice however, gene editing is still too much in its infancy to implement in our daily work.

Until it is, we strive for finding answers first and stick to better breeding today, for a brighter life tomorrow.

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