Inspiring global R&D days

Published on May 2, 2024

Inspiring global R&D days

Last week, Hendrix Genetics R&D team convened for an inspiring three-day gathering in Wageningen, where people from across various units of our company united.

People running our genetic programs, working on innovation, and breeding IT specialists converged under the theme of "A Stage for Every Talent".

This theme underscored our commitment to showcasing the diverse skills within our organization. We did not invite external speakers but asked Hendrix Genetics people to present updates or introductions. We had sessions to discuss the impact of developments in the field of Artificial Intelligence, gene editing, and digitalisation. We created an environment which stimulated active participation by minimizing the use of powerpoint presentations. This clearly helped to create engagement and provide ample opportunity for everyone to contribute to discussions.

Two sessions were dedicated to the introduction of our new data platform. The meeting finished on Wednesday with a session on “learning from our mistakes”. In that session, people in smaller groups shared not only the mistakes they made but also the actions they have taken to prevent the same mistake in the future. The final day was dedicated to delving into BU-specific matters.

These global R&D days underscored that we are well positioned to realize product excellence by working together as one team.

Beyond being information on the latest developments in our domain, the meeting served as a catalyst for strengthening bonds among team members. The attached word cloud summarizes the collective highlights and insights from each participant's unique perspective.

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