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Who we are

Hendrix Genetics is a leading multi-species breeding, genetics and technology company with primary activities in turkeys, laying hens, traditional poultry, swine, salmon, trout and shrimp breeding. Backed by a strong portfolio of leading brands, we aim to help solve the global food challenge by providing high quality animal genetics. Our vision is to set the standard for sustainable animal breeding.

To us, sustainable animal breeding means the ability to create genetic progress while advancing economic, social, and environmental sustainability. Sustainable protein addresses today’s problems, provides effective solutions, and creates new opportunities.

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Our species

Hendrix Genetics has a world class portfolio of layer brands that together make it a world leader in the industry. With customers in most countries around the world, this is the most international division within the company. Hendrix Genetics has a strong focus on sustainability and innovation as well as new industry leading practices in animal welfare.

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At Hendrix Genetics our turkeys team is focused on ensuring the success of our customers and the global turkey industry as a whole. Through commercial distribution we offer a reliable supply of leading genetics as well as access to a team of global turkey experts.

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Hendrix Genetics' swine breeding program dates back over 50 years when the first Hypor product was sold. We are part of a global system that is leading genetic progress and providing customers with innovative and sustainable solutions. With global operations in Spain, Canada and France.

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Hendrix Genetics' salmon breeding division is unique in the world, being based in two of the largest salmon producing countries in the world. Being on the ground in the UK and Chile.

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Since 2017 Hendrix Genetics partners with Kona Bay to run a high quality, high health Pacific whiteleg shrimp breeding program. From our facilities on the Island of Kauai, Hawaii, we deliver shrimp breeders to all major shrimp producing countries in the world.

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We are the world leaders in both quality and market share in the trout industry. With operations based in the Northwest United States, we aim to supply the world with quality trout eggs all year round.

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