Social opportunities

Focus on the future of social sustainability

What defines ethical, sustainable animal breeding? There is currently no standard, but for most consumers, they know it when they see it.

Consumers have the power to steer an entire industry towards what they see as responsible food production. For us, as an industry player, we can calculate sentiment with social media, be transparent and educate others on best practices and industry standards. We want to engage in the conversation to understand and set new standards, making the animal protein industry more sustainable. To focus on the future of social sustainability, we examine the following areas:

  • Defining animal welfare standards
  • Examining social sustainability standards
  • Selecting for self-reliant animal traits

Which standards matter the most to us as a collective? Which steps do we need to take first? Finding solutions and opportunities in our industry will help us ensure that sustainability standards meet societal acceptance, steering us all towards a brighter life tomorrow.