Environmental pressure

Efficient use of resources

What kind of planet will we leave for future generations? Is it too late to make a difference? And how can we change our food system to make a positive impact? There are a lot of questions, with no easy solutions. As a first step, our goal is to evaluate and measure the impact we have on our environment. We examine the following areas of environmental pressure:

  • The impact of animal protein production
  • Solving the Feed-Food-Fuel conflict
  • How to prevent antimicrobial resistance

Efficient use of resources, including land use are all part of the equation. Antibiotic resistance is another issue that comes down to the question of appropriate usage in the food system. The philosophy behind our genetics is to create steady genetic progress, making things a little bit better every day. The need to provide enough animal protein for a growing population, while reducing the environmental costs of farming will require smart science and innovative solutions.

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