Social issues

Reducing food waste is an ethical concern

Unlike many other industries, food production comes with its own range of societal and ethical questions. The use of animals for food can draw a variety of opinions. While we believe that animal protein has an important place in the human diet, economic pressures and the lack of experienced farm labor can add strain to raise animals in a way that reduces stress and discomfort.

Food waste is another area of ethical concern. The disparity between extreme health and extreme poverty has never been greater. How can we reorganize the system to prevent food waste and redirect resources to those in need?

By fully understanding the root causes of these ethical concerns, we can contribute to a more transparent, responsible food system with high-quality animal genetics.

We, as Hendrix Genetics, value transparency and want to take this sustainability path with you. In this section, we will explore:

  • Reducing animal stress and mortality
  • Preventing food waste
  • Combating husbandry and housing challenges

In order to build a more sustainable future, we want to nourish the animals we breed and the consumers we serve. Examining these common ethical concerns will help us ensure that industry standards meet societal acceptance, steering us all towards a brighter life tomorrow.