Environmental balance

Finding a balance in our food system

Feeding a growing world population is not an easy task. Farmers, industries, governments big and small are thinking of possible solutions to prevent hunger, how to increase a healthy diet and how we should balance this need with the resources we have available. As Hendrix Genetics, we want to support the global food challenge and aim for setting standards on sustainable animal breeding at the same time. It is balance we are after. We feed a growing world population, while reducing the impact we have on our planet.

As a genetics company, there are several opportunities we can investigate and support.

  • Achieving climate neutrality
  • Finding the right balance in our system
  • Exploring global health

Gradual genetic progress allows us to make an impact on our carbon footprint, but how else can we make the entire system more sustainable? With responsible consumption and production, we all can have a huge impact on a more sustainable future and particularly in the highlighted topics below. Dive into environmental balance and steer the future together with us.

Discover the environmental balance pathway