Environmental impact

Antibiotic resistance is a real threat to the food system

Balanced breeding has always been our top focus. Not everyone understood in the beginning why we value balance so highly. Now it is clear that breeding an efficient animal not only has economic benefits, it also benefits our planet.

2% may not seem significant, but 2% more genetic progress in each generation has an enormous impact on saving resources and reducing our carbon footprint, while feeding more of the world’s population. You’ve likely heard of feed conversion rates (FCR), but have you heard of the new sustainable feed conversion rate (SFCR)? It’s a new component of our breeding programs in order to keep sustainability baked into our selections. As antibiotic resistance is a real threat to our health and food system, responsible antibiotic use is a mandatory stake in our sustainability program. Learn more about each of these ongoing solutions.

  • The impact of 2% genetic progress
  • A new sustainable FCR
  • Breeding without antibiotics