Renowned Russian integrator Omsky bacon chooses Hypor swine genetics

Published on June 7, 2021

Renowned Russian integrator Omsky bacon chooses Hypor swine genetics

Omsky bacon, part of PRODO Group, one of the largest players on the Russian market in poultry, swine and meat processing, has signed a long-term cooperation agreement with Hendrix Genetics. The PRODO business portfolio encompasses the full cycle, from the production of raw materials to the release of consumer products. The nucleus farm of Omsky bacon has been populated with Hypor breeding animals to start a BioHypor breeding program.

Omsky bacon and Hendrix Genetics share a commitment to sustainability at each stage of the value chain. By working together, the two companies aim to provide high quality protein for the Russian market, both in terms of food safety and producer value. The local availability of large quantities of gilts addresses a large integrator’s need to be able to stock new constructed farms in face of a health challenge.

Hendrix Genetics will be implementing a program known as BioHypor, an advanced sow self-replacement system designed to increase total system profitability through accelerated distribution of top genes, detailed information sharing, enhanced biosecurity and comprehensive technical and genetic support.

In 2019, we stocked our new Breeding reproduction farm for 1700 sows with Hypor GGP and GP gilts. Over the past time, animals have shown excellent results. Sows have a high weaning capacity, producing uniform, viable piglets. Genetically, we count on the flow of the latest Hypor genes through the purchase of top boars and semen. We are extending the positive experience of working on the new Breeding reproduction farm to other farms of Omsky bacon.

Nikolay Bukulit
Director of Omsky bacon

The sustainable standards of the Hypor breeding program fit perfectly with the integrated market in Russia. Omsky bacon has set ambitious goals on quality, quantity and cost price of production where Hypor genetics will contribute the most. Specialists of Omsky Bacon and Hendrix Genetics know each other very well and look forward to productive cooperation.

Denis Okhrimenko
Regional Director for Russia and Custom Union Countries of the Swine Business Unit of Hendrix Genetics

We are excited that Omsky bacon decided to work with our swine genetics. More and more integrators worldwide choose Hypor genetics. Hypor is setting the standard in sustainable swine breeding, and for many years, we have bred animals for integrated systems and that fit perfectly in the philosophy of the famous Omsky enterprise. We are looking forward to a long and successful partnership.

Joop Kersten
Managing Director of the Swine Business Unit of Hendrix Genetics

About Prodo Group

PRODO Group was founded in 2004. Today, it is one of the largest Russian manufacturers of poultry products, sausages, semi-finished products and meat delicacies. The group is annually included in the top ten of the largest Russian agricultural producers. PRODO enterprises are located in the Central, Siberian, Ural, and Volga federal districts of Russia.

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