A new brand promise for SASSO

Published on Sept. 10, 2020

A new brand promise for SASSO

SASSO is ready to color your world.

SASSO, specialized colored broiler breeding company, located in the South-West of France, has built its family business for more than 40 years dedicated to traditional poultry. Over the years, the company has grown to become a major exporter of colored broiler parent stock, to all continents of the world. Since SASSO joined Hendrix Genetics, we have now established our brand positioning to clearly state our new promise to our customers worldwide.

The world needs color

Over the last few decades, the broiler market has grown tremendously and consolidated fast, especially with regard to the number of broiler breeding companies. With this market growth and consolidation, colored chickens have disappeared more and more, as did the distinctive taste and texture of broiler meat.

SASSO in this respect has always been different, preserving many colorful, traditional chicken breeds. Establishing and growing the Label Rouge market segment on tradition and taste. Over the years, SASSO has established the largest gene pool of traditional poultry breeds in the industry. These traditional birds bring color to the world, not only in feathers but also in skin and meat color. Traditional, slower growing chickens have a distinctive darker meat color that stands out on taste and texture.

SASSO colors your world

With our new promise “SASSO colors your world”, we want to highlight the fact that SASSO stands out and truly brings color to your world. We are convinced that the world needs color, needs choice, differentiation, and we are convinced that the colored chickens of SASSO will deliver on its new promise.

Next to that, research tells us that the way SASSO colors the world is different on every continent. We know your needs as a customer are different depending on where you are in the world. Our large range of colored chickens offer a variety of color, growth and performance to differentiate yourself.

This is why we emphasize this is ‘your’ world. The new brand identity is based on a range of different colors adapted to connect with each continent. In addition, we have given a different color to our key messages as they are tuned to meet the local customers’ needs on every continent.

A new product naming

Part of the definition of our new brand promise was the creation of a new product naming. In fact, we have now new breeder male product names. We kept the identifier of the line, T, X, C or N if it’s a naked-neck chicken, but the product name is now associated to a color, again to strengthen our promise. Click here to discover our range of chickens and their new names! The names of the breeder females SA51A, SA31A and SA31L remain unchanged.

Brand new website

Finally, what’s best to communicate our vision and our added value to our customers than a designed website? As you can see, we have launched our new website www.sasso-poultry.com. In line with our willingness to adapt ourselves and our content to your local needs, you will see on the homepage that you can access the website specific to your region. These websites contain tailored content and technical resources to help you raise the best SASSO chickens. You can also access your regional website directly, for example https://africa.sasso-poultry.com for the African region.

Although we have redefined the core essence of SASSO’s brand identity to support future development, SASSO remains known and recognizable for its products, roots, know-how and customer support.

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