Global collaboration in the palm of your hand

Published on April 28, 2021

Global collaboration in the palm of your hand

Investment in technology is crucial in the world of animal breeding. New and innovative tools in data collection and analysis ensures that we can deliver enhanced performance in every new generation in a sustainable way. But, we realize that the opportunities for technological advancement can extend far beyond breeding technology.

The way we work with customers in technical support and the methods of collecting and analyzing customer data can be streamlined and enhanced with the use of technological tools. Even before managing the realities of Covid-19, we’ve been investigating the possibility of taking existing technology and tailoring them for the needs of our customers. The use of mixed reality technology and customer-facing apps are two areas we have made some recent exciting advancements.

The endless potential of mixed reality technology

Mixed and augmented reality products offer great potential in connecting people from all over the world. The Microsoft HoloLens 2 was tested for several use cases within Hendrix Genetics. These wearable computer glasses offer the possibility to add information to what the wearer sees. The main benefit of mixed reality smart glasses is that the wearer has its hands-free to perform tasks. One successful application was within our swine business for boar selections. In the past, this process would have involved an expert traveling to the nucleus farm. Now, with the use of augmented reality, the whole process can be completed in an hour, saving time, money, and resources. Not only that, but biosecurity concerns are lowered with this new technology allowing decisions to be made remotely. Use of this kind of technology has exciting implications for sustainability including food safety and reducing our carbon footprint.

Customer facing apps pave the way forward

The development of three customer facing apps for our swine, laying hen, and turkey clients is another recent advancement. All Hendrix Genetics apps have been developed on the same platform. This paves the way for future efficiencies in enhancing and improving features in the apps. Additionally, each app has been designed with confidentiality in mind so that submitted results and questions are always kept secure. All Hendrix Genetics apps have their own specialty in creating value for our customers including customer support and data collection and insights.

Customer Support

Swine Support App

With the newly developed Swine Support App, our goal is to connect with customers by providing fast responses to any number of management related questions.

The app has been designed to connect our customers with our team of global experts. Customers can ask questions (in multiple languages) and include pictures and video. The result is a quick, accurate, and personalized response from our global technical service experts.

This app is available to our customers around the world, and with this increased connection, we aim to improve customer satisfaction. Swine Support also increases the reach and efficient of our technical experts, all without biosecurity risks and a lower carbon footprint.

The Swine Support app is now available for download in the App Store and Google Play. The app can be used on a smartphone or tablet, even while walking through the barn. It is just one part of Hypor's broader goal of contributing to a more sustainable pork chain.

Carlos Martins.jpg

We are excited to share this app with the world! It is a unique and innovative way to collaborate with our customers to improve product performance. I am convinced that our customers will benefit from the added value and unique advantage that the Swine Support app offers.

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Carlos Martins, Manager, Technical Service

Data collection and insights

Poultry Real-time Insight Management Application (PRIMA)

The PRIMA app has been designed to deliver real-time insights into the details of your flock. Data insight and the monitoring of data helps our customers to work more efficiently and increase the general health and productivity of their birds.

PRIMA allows our customers to enter their data for the purpose of tracking progress and viewing common trends. It has been built to support both smallholder farmers and large integrators. The app is easily able to track key performance indicators such as productivity, bodyweight, livability, and feed conversion. A distinct advantage for customers using the PRIMA app as opposed to other generic tools is that they can compare their flock performance against the global or regional breed standards.

By using PRIMA software, app-users can record flock data on a daily or weekly basis, and graphs are automatically represented. The Multiview functionality allows users to give important parties, such as laborers, technicians, veterinarians, chick suppliers and feed suppliers access to selected data. The PRIMA app is just one way we are committed to delivering proven product performance


The Thrive poult reporting tool was first developed in 2015 for Hybrid Turkeys customers in North America, and it has continued to add new features and enhancements. The app has been developed with integrated customers in mind, and so it has the ability to capture various types of data. Customers can enter their delivery data as well as enter in any commentary that can be helpful for future reference.

The tool measures a full spectrum of information for each delivery, including mortality rates, hatch date, delivery drivers and truck used in delivery, poult and truck temperature, and much more. Thrive keeps a record of every order and the corresponding data for easy reference at any point in the future. After the results have been submitted, the tool provides instant comparative feedback to other submissions of same sex, comparing the submitted flock to most recent 100 entries. It then gives the user a ranking and range of performance. Upon request from the customer, our technicians can generate a customizable report to give benchmarking information for either parent stock or commercial customers.

The biggest asset of the tool is the ability to access and track data so that we can help our customers target areas of opportunity for better performance and to quickly make meaningful improvements. By working together and identifying areas of opportunity, we can achieve excellence throughout the turkey value chain.

Contact us to get started with Thrive

By investigating and finetuning the use of new technology in the field of animal breeding, we aim to enhance the customer experience. Fast, efficient methods of communication and data collection allows us to capture important insights on our products. These insights can be fed back into our genetic engine, resulting in better performing products and high quality genetics. These technological advancements are all developed to allow us to work towards our goal of setting the standard in sustainable animal breeding.

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