Creating fresh currents in aquaculture

Published on June 14, 2017

Creating fresh currents in aquaculture

We at Hendrix Genetics, believe in the synergetic effects that come from having a portfolio of multispecies breeding programs. Besides critical mass in resources and infrastructure, being a multispecies company brings us cross-pollination effects in many areas.

Since 2010 we have been strengthening our position as a global leader in aquaculture. Significant investments have been made in salmon- and trout breeding. Acquiring Landcatch salmon breeding first and Troutlodge trout breeding years later, has given us the opportunity to learn quickly from the highly professionalized salmon breeding methods and bring this knowledge to our trout breeding program.

Emergence of a strong profitable industry through sound science

The salmon industry is a consolidated and mature industry. Landcatch, our salmon breeding brand, has accumulated the use of technology in breeding high quality salmon since the 1970s. Since our acquisition, Hendrix Genetics has added another level of R&D possibilities, also applicable to land based species. 

The central R&D knowledge across species is optimally combined through the use and development of increasingly sophisticated analysis tools and equipment, genetic assessment, statistical analysis, modelling and pooled data from an ever-increasing number of facilities across the world.

R&D robbert blonk.jpg

Selection technologies, applied in other Hendrix Genetics’ species, are helping to generate accelerated genetic progress across the aquaculture industry

R&D robbert blonk.jpg
Robbert Blonk
R&D Director Hendrix Genetics Aquaculture

Implementation at full speed

Keith Drynan has spent most of his career in salmon breeding, but he made the switch to trout breeding at the Isle of Man facility, shortly after the acquisition of Troutlodge. Six months ago Keith accepted the responsibility to become General Manager of Hendrix Genetics’ trout business. He will oversee the implementation of new management practices, new standard operating procedures, breeding and selection technology and so on into trout breeding. By continually developing our practices, technical and husbandry techniques, health and welfare measures, we are consistently looking to set higher quality standards.

Keith Drynan.jpg

Experience gained in the technical advances in the salmon industry, help us to lead the way in the further development of trout aquaculture

Keith Drynan.jpg
Keith Drynan
General Manager Trout

More sustainable trout

Troutlodge, the trout genetics market leader, already had a hatching rate guarantee of 90% with their sublime picking process. Adding innovative technologies such as a picking machine and genomic selection, will help the trout industry mature faster and with a higher resistance to specific diseases in the near future. The same will happen to other less sophisticated breeding programs, such as warm water tilapia and shrimp.


We are not only working internally with this approach. We are collaborating with customers, nutrition and pharmaceutical companies at a multispecies level. Realizing the genetic potential of fish is of course a combination of multiple factors. Our aim is and always will be to provide innovative, sustainable genetic solutions that create value throughout the protein chain.

Neil Manchester

It is exciting to see the developments and opportunities in the aquaculture industry and we as Hendrix Genetics are well equipped to bring value to many aquatic breeding programs

Neil Manchester
Neil Manchester
Managing Director Hendrix Genetics Aquaculture

Adding more species

The synergy gained by adding expertise, accelerates genetic progress. Together we discover and innovate, making sure our advancements create value on multiple fronts. By adding other newer aquatic species to the Hendrix Genetics family, we help the industry with sustainable growth. We have brought together a global network of aquaculture experts and facilities that supply high-quality genetic solutions every day. It enables us to provide a sustainable and profitable production to our customers worldwide. It is a global network we are proud of, and we have only just dipped our toe in the water. 

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