Better breeding today, brighter life tomorrow

We believe this reflects our passion to create value with genetics and captures our vision for the future.

‘Better Breeding Today’ focuses on solving challenges with the breeding programs and technologies we use today.

‘Brighter Life Tomorrow’ stands for the many ways high quality genetics can create a better future. With everything that we do, we aim to create a more sustainable food system. This relates to economic, social, and environmental sustainability. Combined into one motto, this conveys the essence of our shared values.

How do we achieve better breeding today, brighter life tomorrow? Through innovation, collaboration, and sustainability, we create value for the value chain. Learn more about each of these areas of focus.



Hendrix Genetics constantly innovates to drive rapid value creation. We do this through genetic solutions for the animal protein value chain. We are dedicated to finding better ways to collect data. This allows us to measure new traits and apply new technologies, with the aim of developing our products. Our highly qualified and diverse R&D team explores the boundaries of genetics. With the introduction of genetic technologies, such as genomic selection, our opportunities for advanced genetic solutions expand daily.


Innovative and genetic solutions is our way to solve the need to feed the world in a more sustainable way. We find ourselves at the strategic beginning of the value chain. Yet our success depends on collaboration with the different chain partners. In collaboration with our extensive science network, we explore various R&D opportunities. We conduct trials with feed, pharmaceutical, and equipment companies to improve livestock performance. We also discuss future market needs with processors and food distributors. In addition, we work with non-competing genetics companies.


Hendrix Genetics has recognized for a long time that there is far more than just efficiency to consider in producing food. What we do today has an impact on the future. Not just our own future, but that of generations to come. Sustainability means ensuring that today’s activities don’t compromise the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Our sustainability program defines eight material stakes that are integrated into our business strategy and daily activities. With this program we aim to contribute to a sustainable future that ensures the well-being of present and future generations.

Value creation

Animal breeding has a vital role to play in solving the global food challenge. Our goal is to help the world meet the growing demand for food by creating value for the animal protein value chain through constant innovation, collaboration across the chain, and continued focus on sustainability.