Troutlodge is the world’s leading supplier of trout genetics.

We supply high quality, certified pathogen-free trout eggs every week of the year. We have an innovative breeding program, a genetics lab and numerous multiplier facilities with bio-secure environments. As part of Hendrix Genetics, we benefit from a strong multi-species R&D engine.

We have leading brands in laying hens, turkeys, traditional poultry, swine, shrimp and salmon and of course trout. You get healthy trout that grow well and deliver full economic value.

Through rigorous measurements and genetic selection, continual improvement is achieved. As a result, we guarantee a hatching rate of 95%. We extensively research disease resistance as fish health is key to success.

All this and together with the support from our experts, you can achieve a more sustainable and profitable trout production. For any production system, for any market size… Troutlodge is the logical choice.

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