Sasso - colors your world

SASSO colors your world with a unique promise. Our specialized colored chickens open the door to new opportunities for your farm and your family.

We are a breeding company with the world’s largest gene pool of traditional poultry. Each of our birds has been bred for specific needs.

For the African markets, our chickens are highly robust. This means the birds have the ability to thrive even when raised in harsh conditions and exposed to poor biosecurity standards

In Asia we help to improve the efficiency of local breeds while respecting heritage and specific taste.

Chickens raised for the Latin American markets are robust and strong. They stand out for their unique and delicious flavor, fitting the local color.

North Americans appreciate the taste of traditional excellence. Here, we focus on efficiency. Meeting their need for the highest quality with colorful pasture-raised chickens.

With SASSO, there’s no one size fits all approach. We know the importance of preserving the unique traits of each bird that have been passed down for generations.

That’s why we always carefully look at your local market needs. SASSO, colors your world.

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