Proven product performance in laying hens

Hendrix Genetics has six genetic brands that focus on breeding laying hens. All tailored to specific market needs and with proven product performances.

Our laying hens outperform on all major traits, like productivity, egg quality, livability, and reliability. We deliver according to our customers’ needs around the world.

How we do that? Balanced breeding is our answer to help the entire egg value chain flourish. With our innovative technology, people and passion we analyze and assure you get the best of the best.

We show genetic progress every new generation. Our diverse portfolio delivers benefits all the way up to consumers. We are in the front seat if it comes to sustainable animal production, including welfare developments worldwide. We are delivering value and have a long-term vision to steer our products towards future needs. Helping to feed the world starts with the right genetics. Or, as we like to say: better breeding today, for a brighter life tomorrow.

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