As a multi-species animal breeding, genetics and technology company, Hendrix Genetics aim to produce animals that thrive under all conditions.

Whether in shrimp, trout or salmon, we are dedicated to finding and implementing genetic solutions that meet the challenges of farmins systems around the world.

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Shrimp - Kona Bay

Trout - Troutlodge

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At Kona Bay, we are conscious of the fact that every step we take needs to advance solutions for the industry. As we sit at the start of the shrimp value chain, our goal is to unlock the most value f…


Troutlodge is the world’s leading producer of eyed trout eggs. We maintain four strains of rainbow trout, all developed from strains originating in the Pacific Northwest USA, the native home of the r…


Landcatch, the Hendrix Genetics’ genetics brand for salmon breeding, supplies customers worldwide with high quality salmon eggs and smolts (juvenile fish). Landcatch innovates to provide a quality pr…

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David Danson
Director of Operations and Shrimp
M: +31 485 801 911