Based on Animals, People and Planet

Contributing to a sustainable future

Hendrix Genetics has recognized for a long time that there is far more than just efficiency to consider in producing food. What we do today has an impact on the future. Not just our own future, but that of generations to come. Sustainability means ensuring that today’s activities don’t compromise the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

Animal genetics has already played a key role in improving the sustainability of animal production and will continue to do so in the future. Hendrix Genetics has established a solid sustainability program. The backbone comprises of three building blocks: Animals, People and Planet.

Pieter van As

A sustainable future is one in which a healthy environment, economic prosperity and social justice are pursued simultaneously to ensure the well-being and quality of life of present and future generations.

Pieter van As
Pieter van As
Corporate Sustainability Coordinator


Animal Welfare, Biosecurity and Genetic Resources are the key priorities within this building block of the sustainability program. Ensuring animals are treated with care and respect and are kept under the highest standards of welfare is essential at Hendrix Genetics. As global suppliers of breeding stock, the company upholds a unique responsibility for ensuring biosecurity and animal health. In addition, as breeders, protecting genetic resources for the future is not only in their own, but in everyone’s best interests.


People make our business, that’s why the company strives to enhance the Quality of Life for Consumers, Customers and Colleagues - the three focal areas in this sector. Consumers in different countries across the world vary, purchasing with sustainability in mind has generally increased overall during the last few years. Food safety, shared value and leadership are particularly important stakes that apply to consumers. Effectively fostering Quality of Life for customers requires building solid, long term relations, working with transparency, meeting customer needs and applying the highest standards of ethics. Employee engagement, equal opportunities, expertise, community support and health and safety are vital elements of the sustainability program to enhance Quality of Life for colleagues.


Minimizing the environmental impact of livestock production through continuously improving input efficiency and helping to reduce the use of antibiotics are key parts of Hendrix Genetics’ daily work. Through improvement of the genetic potential of the breeds that Hendrix Genetics supplies, this impact will be further reduced. By responding to the needs of individual customers and sustainability partners, Hendrix Genetics is continuously exploring new opportunities for sustainable solutions. In addition, the company is investing in minimizing its own ecological footprint to preserve and improve the environment that its activities impact.

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