is essential to optimize animal breeding and production

Solving the protein challenge together

We are an invaluable part of the animal protein value chain. Innovative and genetic solutions is our way to solve the need to feed the world in a more sustainable way. We find ourselves at the strategic beginning of the value chain. Yet our success depends on collaboration with the different chain partners.

Partners in animal protein

In collaboration with our extensive science network, we explore various R&D opportunities. We conduct trials with feed-, pharmaceutical- and equipment companies to improve livestock performance. We also discuss future market needs with processors and food distributors. In addition, we work with non-competing genetics companies.

Close collaboration with the customer

Hendrix Genetics revolves around animal breeding and selecting animals with the highest genetic potential. Technical service teams collaborate closely with the customers. This ensures the full genetic potential is achieved. People make our business. Developing the best solutions involves listening and understanding. We believe in two-way relationships in every aspect of our work to gather and share information. This allows better insight into serving customers better.

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