is exploring the boundaries of genetics

Transformation through innovation

Hendrix Genetics constantly innovates to drive rapid value creation. We do this through genetic solutions for the animal protein value chain. Our highly qualified and diverse R&D team explores the boundaries of genetics. With the introduction of genetic technologies, such as Genomic Selection, our opportunities for advanced genetic solutions expand daily.

Developing our products

Almost 300 of Hendrix Genetics staff are dedicated to finding better ways to collect data. This allows us to measure new traits and apply new technologies, with the aim of developing our products. Hendrix Genetics has built its own facilities, such as the genomics laboratory. As well as different research farms and specialized breeding information systems. All to speed up the genetic progress of all products. Genetic Progress – advancing the productivity of animals with each generation - is essential. This helps to fulfill the need to feed our expanding population.

Resources for research

Besides our own R&D team, Hendrix Genetics is involved in hundreds of research projects. This includes leading academic research institutions all over the world. Together, we test new and existing technologies, investigate new insights and plan innovative solutions. Our focus is on implementing these innovative solutions for the animal protein value chain. Through application in the breeding programs for the species in which we operate.

Go to collaboration

Widening the innovation scope

Hendrix Genetics innovates beyond genetic technologies. It's investigating fields like robotics, sensor technology and behavioral science. We have created a new entity, Hendrix Genetics Innovations. With the goal to identify sources of innovation beyond our normal scope.

As ideas and innovations come from everywhere, we are expanding our horizons. To allow us to respond faster to opportunities in this era of rapid transformation. Using our extensive global network, Hendrix Genetics is a valuable source of information. As well as knowledge for collaborative improvement in the animal protein value chain.

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