Hendrix Genetics is a leading multi-species breeding company with primary activities in layer, turkey, pig, aquaculture and traditional poultry breeding.

Incorporating Sustainability from the Very Beginning

Incorporating Sustainability from the Very Beginning

Hendrix Genetics has committed itself to improving its asset base in its Vision2020 plan. As part of that plan the Layers Business Unit developed a new, state-of-the-art, sustainable, parent stock hatchery in Boxmeer, The Netherlands. The new hatchery brings substantial savings in resource use and reduced waste. The sustainable hatchery is a prime example of how Hendrix Genetics’ comprehensive Sustainability Program is generating results from the very beginning of the egg value chain. Read more...

Our strategy is founded on four strategic pillars

Four Strategic Pillars

To fulfill our mission and to realize our full potential, Hendrix Genetics is inspired to be the global leader in animal breeding. With this goal in mind, we have developed a strategy founded on strengthening four key pillars of our business:

Animal Breeding: selecting the best animals with computer based models

Animal Breeding

Animal breeding or genetics is the area of science where experts are trying to steer the frequency of certain genes by combining the most superior or desired inidividual animals to be the parents of the next generation. This process is focused on getting improved offspring who are on average better than the previous generation. Statistical models are used to compute the differences between animals and predict the genetic value of their offspring.  Information and data from all types of measurements contribute to increasingly more reliable breeding values. On the whole the science and practice of animal breeding has been a major contributing factor to the improvement made in livestock production.

Hendrix Genetics' primary activities: layer, turkey, traditional poultry, pig and aquaculture breeding.

Layer BreedingLayer Breeding  Turkey BreedingTurkey Breeding  Traditional Poultry Breeding  Pig BreedingPig Breeding  Aquaculture breedingAquaculture Breeding

Over many years, we have accumulated expertise and resources and leveraged our roots in farming to develop the relevant, high quality multi-species breeding solutions that we offer today.

Isa Poultry Hybrid Turkeys Hypor Landcatch Natural Selection Caringa

Hendrix Genetics Aquaculture AS

Further development of Hendrix Genetics in aquaculture.

Hendrix Genetics and NPM Capital Join Forces

Hendrix Genetics and NPM Capital, a subsidiary of family-owned, SHV Holdings, have completed an agreement that will advance the animal breeding sector. Through the issue of new shares, NPM has become a 25% minority shareholder in Hendrix Genetics, alongside existing shareholders.

Hendrix Genetics Academy 2015

Hendrix Genetics organized its Academy for a second time, welcoming around 90 post-graduate students, research and industry geneticists, lead scientists and industry leaders to enjoy a three day program to connect science and industry. The theme of this year was “Accelerating the future” and based on four distinct focus areas.

Senior R&D Management Changes

With effect from January 1, 2016, Johan van Arendonk will join Hendrix Genetics as Chief Innovation & Technology Officer. Van Arendonk will take over the role of Gerard Albers, who will become Director Innovations for Hendrix Genetics Innovations B.V. - a new entity designed to foster innovations beyond the scope of current R&D projects.


Challenging the US layer market

Through the purchase of Midwest Farms LLC and two hatcheries in Pennsylvania and Virginia, ISA has created a new distribution company called “Hendrix-ISA” to serve the US market with premium quality layers and a capacity to produce close to 1 million commercial layers a week