Turkey welfare

Our efforts in turkey breeding

We believe in a balanced approach to breeding turkeys. Important traits for our customers, whether breeder or commercial, are simultaneously improved at a steady rate over time, guaranteeing predictability and continuous improvement. Our unique products, from our Hybrid turkey breeding program are designed to meet the specific needs of turkey multipliers, growers, processors and integrators.

Common welfare best practices applied in global turkey production

As we aim to provide leadership to the turkey industry we continuously look for ways we can improve processes, enhance animal welfare and ensure a safe working environment for our employees. 

In 2014 we reviewed all approved methods of euthanasia to search for the best method for our company. The criteria we used included what is most humane for the bird, provides a high level of safety and compliance for our staff, and is most accepted by society. After careful consideration we decided to move to CO2 systems for euthanasia in all production locations around the world. Integration of these units is complete in Canada and Poland and we are happy to announce that France, our largest production area, is already underway.

In addition to the use of these units on farms we have introduced training and guidelines, such as our ‘Euthanasia decision tree’ to ensure all employees are making informed decisions surrounding euthanasia of birds in our care.

Dave Libertini

Welfare is a core area of focus and we continuously look for ways to improve the overall health and well-being of turkeys, not only under our care, but within the entire industry.

Dave Libertini
Dave Libertini
Managing Director Turkeys
Animal Welfare