Swine welfare

Our efforts in swine breeding

Swine breeding is more profitable if we collaborate. Our Hypor swine breeding program focuses on linking the factors that influence total system profitability. We aim to maximize the bottom line instead of performance in a single trait or phase.

Compassion and resilience in swine

Ensuring animal welfare means that we breed sows with sufficient teats for their piglets and with an excellent capacity to wean piglets. Group behavior is another trait we select for. It has an impact on feed efficiency, growth and on the wellbeing of each individual sow, piglet and finisher. 

For both economical and ethical reasons, ending the castration of male piglets would be a huge step forward. From a production perspective, males are leaner and more feed efficient than castrates.

Responsible use of antibiotics and breeding for disease resilience are the tip of the iceberg. We continuously monitor and measure animals to ensure progress on many biosecurity levels. By applying genomic selection, we can also reduce the environmental footprint of pork production drastically in the coming years.

I enjoy being at the farms. Together with the team, we ensure that things are running smoothly and procedures are being followed.

Helomar Barbosa
Manager Operations Swine Canada
Animal Welfare