Salmon welfare

Our efforts in Salmon breeding

Our focus in salmon breeding is to breed for high quality salmon eggs and smolts with the best survival, health and growth rates possible. Our Landcatch salmon breeding program, contributes to the success of salmon producers as well as the development of the global salmon industry. This is done with effective solutions and a bio secure environment… right from the start.

Reducing the use of antibiotics in salmon breeding

We strive to supply customers with high performing, disease-free stock. All freshwater staff are trained in fish welfare. We comply with SEPA licenses and our sites operate to strict biosecurity procedures covering staff, visitors and vehicles. All to ensure our animals are and stay healthy, so the use of antibiotics is brought to a minimum. 

Each site has its designated Fish Health Monitor, supported by qualified veterinarian health professionals. Broodstock and freshwater sites also undergo additional fish testing for Bacterial Kidney Disease (BKD) which allows export to other countries who operate strict BKD controls.

Our breeding program selects for fish that are resistant to sea lice and disease in order to reduce the use of antibiotics. In some fisheries, we have successfully eliminated the use of antibiotics altogether.

Carol Small
Biologist Salmon
Animal Welfare