Layer welfare

Our efforts in layer breeding

Hendrix Genetics is one of the world’s leading breeders and distributors of white and brown layers. We offer a regional approach for each market by providing six differentiated layer brands. This range of well-known brands allows us to offer customized solutions to customers in every climate. As well as using various housing systems, for each unique market preference.

Implementing new program policies within layers

Laying hens are one of the first species where we have implemented new measures to improve animal welfare globally. A team of internal auditors travel to all our facilities to assess how effective the program is. 

A well-established testing program is in place where we keep birds, under commercial circumstances, with intact beaks. And we are beginning to select from ‘friendly families’ – both measures designed to reduce the need for beak treatment in order to prevent feather pecking. 

Next to that, we are working in close cooperation with researchers that are trying to identify the gender of embryos on a very early stage of embryo development, in order to avoid the culling of male chicks.

Dorothé colleague layers

We aim to contribute wherever possible to raising global standards of animal welfare.

Dorothé colleague layers
Dorothé Ducro
Global Quality Manager Layers
Animal Welfare