As the world’s population grows – and the demand for protein along with it – insect protein production offers huge potential. With their small size and ability to turn waste into body mass, insects provide sustainable protein with a low carbon footprint. In 2018, Hendrix Genetics entered into a partnership with Protix, the leader in insect protein production, to improve the efficiency of the black soldier fly breeding program.

Hendrix Genetics is proud to add to the professional capacity of Protix in this mutually beneficial partnership. The insect industry is uncharted territory, and the possibilities are limitless. We look forward to exploring this exciting field together while growing in a sustainable and collaborative manner.


Project details

  • Partnership for the development of insects as an efficient protein source for use in feed

  • Feed is commonly produced using food that could be used for human consumption or using fishmeal, a resource that is becoming scarce due to overfishing.

Project started to develop a smart insect-farming system with which Protix can produce and process insects in a more sustainable, efficient and smarter way.


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