Alliance to end surgical swine castration

Hendrix Genetics is a member of the research alliance to develop pioneering genetic technology. Through the use of precision breeding, this group hopes to end the surgical castration of male piglets.

Today, male piglets are routinely castrated to improve the quality of meat for consumers. Castration is performed to eliminate “boar taint”, an unpleasant odor and an unsavory taste. Precision breeding technology could provide a solution for pork producers that is animal friendly and safe.

The alliance aims to develop precision breeding technology that results in male piglets born naturally castrated. This project is also backed by a grant from The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research and The Open Philanthropy Project.

Pigglet castration

Project details

  • Collaboration to eliminate the need for surgical castration using precision breeding

  • Test project has successfully produced a litter of pre-pubescent piglets

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