Hendrix Genetics Innovations

Speeding up innovations for a brighter life tomorrow

Speeding up innovations for a brighter life tomorrow

We innovate beyond genetic technologies. Hendrix Genetics Innovations supports innovative projects and ventures to generate new solutions for the animal protein sector. With new technologies and partners we work on solutions that improve safety, security and sustainability of food production. With our support, global network and knowledge we help speed up innovations for a brighter life tomorrow.

Looking for innovative ideas

By connecting with startups, tech companies, science and innovation platforms we source innovative ideas. We are looking for opportunities that may advance our own business or the worldwide poultry, pork and aquaculture businesses that we supply.

New technologies from the fourth industrial revolution offer new possibilities. We are actively exploring these possibilities. Technologies like blockchain, machine learning, internet of things and robotics have our attention. Also technologies from fields like biotechnology, sensor technology and vision technology have our special interest.

Already in scope

Today we are already working to meet the following challenges:

  • The world is facing a challenge to feed everyone in a sustainable manner. Insects can play an important part in solving problems regarding food security and suitability. We are actively investigating the possibilities.
  • The industry is in need for more modern and environmentally friendly farming concepts. We are already supporting innovative egg farming concepts like Kipster by partnering with the initiators.
  • Blockchain technology is probably the hottest and most disruptive technology that’s available now. We are actively exploring how we can apply this technology in the egg value chain.
  • Vision technology can help us measure animal performance traits of our breeding stock. Together with partners we are developing a new machine that uses modern vision technologies to measure egg characteristics better and faster.
  • Stop the culling of day old male chicks: We support any idea that can help stop this practice and improve animal welfare in the egg supply chain.

For a brighter life tomorrow

Hendrix Genetics Innovations wants to partner with innovators. Together we speed up innovative solutions for the animal protein value chain for a brighter life tomorrow. We offer:

  • Our support in finance and coaching
  • Our global network and endorsement
  • Our knowledge of genetics and animal breeding in poultry, pork and aquaculture

Contact us directly via mail: innovations@hendrix-genetics.com