Employer brand campaign

Employer brand campaign

Building a strong employer brand is all about creating value for the employees of Hendrix Genetics and qualified potential candidates. We want new and current employees to understand the unique values of Hendrix Genetics and build a reputation as a great employer on a mission to make an impact on the world.

Message from Peter Pluk

Why employer branding?

Employer branding is all about how we market our company to desired job seekers. How do we showcase our organization’s unique differentiators? In today’s competitive market, 75% of recruiting leaders worldwide agreed that employer branding has a significant impact on quality hiring (Linkedin Business, 2016). There’s ample evidence that a great employer brand makes it easier to recruit and it also impacts the business’ triple bottom line. What’s more, employer branding can also boost the company’s culture from the inside – a panacea for employer engagement, atmosphere and referral hiring.

Our employer brand story

In recent years Hendrix Genetics has expanded significantly, both through internal growth and as a result of several mergers and acquisitions. The international character of Hendrix Genetics creates opportunities. Different cultures are combined into one Hendrix Genetics family with the following core work values:

Making a difference to the planet

The world's human population is increasing by 76 million every year, causing global food demand to surge. It's obvious that a new direction is needed to ensure a sustainable future - and Hendrix Genetics is leading the way. By innovating, fine-tuning and optimizing every step of the protein value chain we are pioneering ways of feeding the world better and smarter. Our genetic solutions and balanced breeding programs already enable us to feed many more people while reducing environmental impact of livestock production.

Growing our people

Our animals owe their success to our people. And vice versa. Connecting people and knowledge is at the heart of our business. In offices and fields; laboratories and barns in all four corners of the globe, Hendrix Genetics employees are pushing the boundaries of science. Day in and day out. As members of the Hendrix Genetics family we all collaborate intensively to maximize synergy, both as a company and with partners, clients and customers. We know that to achieve our vision we need the best barn operators, technicians, researchers and geneticists.

Putting animals first

At Hendrix Genetics we understand that we owe everything to our trailblazing animals. Our global animal policy safeguards their welfare while stringent biosecurity measures counter the ever-present threat of disease. Like responsible parents, we only use antibiotics when truly necessary and we are committed to safeguard the welfare of all animals under our care. Thanks to these efforts our unique generations of species - from trout to turkeys; poultry to pigs - are already a cut above the rest. Right from the start.

I want to 'be a part of better breeding.'

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The concept

Back up story pay-off

In terms of branding, this pay-off creates value and conveys Hendrix Genetics' mission to transform the entire animal protein chain. Given the fact that 'making an impact on the world' is one of the outstanding work values, we can 'translate' the corporate pay-off into the following employer branding pay-off.

'Better breeding today for a brighter life tomorrow'

The use of 'be a part of' feels inclusive - a core trait we want to be known for. What's more, it speaks to Hendrix Genetics' quest for continuous improvement and it has a universal, corporate character that doesn't conflict with the general pay off.

'Be a part of better breeding'

Visual concept

Images of actual Hendrix Genetics animals were the obvious choice for the vacancy ads. Using cropped images against a white background evokes the firmness, cleanliness and accessibility of Hendrix Genetics while also telling the story.

'Better breeding today for a brighter life tomorrow.'

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Campaign collateral