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About Hendrix Genetics

Hendrix Genetics serves the animal protein value chain with genetic solutions in layers, turkeys, swine, salmon, trout and traditional poultry. Founded in 2005, the company has evolved through natural growth and the acquisition and integration of leading genetics companies. Its aim is to create value, while focusing on collaboration, innovation and sustainability.  Hendrix Genetics is dedicated to generating solutions for the animal protein sector that meet the challenges of food production. Backed by a strong portfolio of leading brands, Hendrix Genetics provides expertise and resources to producers worldwide with operations and joint ventures in 24 countries, and more than 2,800 employees. With respect and care for people, animals and the environment, Hendrix Genetics is committed to delivering better breeding today, for a brighter life tomorrow.

Quick facts

  • Over 2,800 employees
  • operates from locations in more than 24 countries worldwide
  • Privately held, with majority shareholder, Thijs Hendrix Beheer BV
  • leads the world in turkey, layer, and trout breeding. As well as has a growing share in swine, salmon and guinea fowl breeding, worldwide.
  • We have long term strategic minority shareholders, such as:
-NPM Capital

-Sofiprotéol S.A.

-Family Van den Berg

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