A world of possibilities

Hendrix Genetics can offer you a world of possibilities. We are a successful world leading multi-species genetics company. Currently we are experiencing tremendous growth that has been fueled by our dedicated staff. We understand that our team is what sets us apart and our most important resource is our driven work force.

We pride ourselves in rewarding hard work by offering growth opportunities, continuing education and competitive benefits. Hendrix Genetics is looking for a wide range of international talent. This includes everything from general laborer positions to researchers in our laboratories.

Help us build a brighter life

As an employee of Hendrix Genetics, you will play an important role in feeding the world. As the population grows and the demand for animal protein strains current supply. Through steady genetic improvement, each generation of animals requires fewer resources to grow. This decreases the carbon footprint of animal protein production and frees up land. We increase the profitability for the production chain, while making agriculture more sustainable.

Landcatch Facility