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Hendrix Genetics is the world's #1 breeding company active in swine

Our primary breeding activities in 7 species make Hendrix Genetics truly unique in the world of animal breeding. For each of the species, we want to grow organically or via targeted acquisitions to a leading position. Sharing knowledge and our breeding backbone in data science, information systems, software development and above all the science of genetics, we maximize animal breeding synergies to boost any breeding program we run.

Discover the top 10 reasons why Hendrix Genetics should be on top of your mind when you are searching for the best animal genetics.

Why should you know Hendrix Genetics?

Hendrix Genetics is the world’s largest breeding company with activities in swine breeding. Since the foundation of Hendrix Genetics in 2005, we have built dominant market positions in poultry (layers, turkeys and colored broilers) and aquaculture (salmon, shrimp and trout), and we have strengthened our top 3 position in swine.

It started off with 50 people in 2005 and today we have 3,500 colleagues around the world. Over a period of 15 years, we have built our teams, extended our presence and developed our skills. Today we operate with almost 500 colleagues to service the US livestock producers with top quality animal genetics and solutions.

Especially in the last five years, we have invested heavily in new talent in Research and Development. Not only has the number of geneticists increased to over 40, we diversified our expert base into new technologies like for example data science, sensor and vision technologies to improve accuracy or speed of measurements and even record new traits we did not capture before.

The core of any breeding company are the nucleus breeding centers. That is where the magic happens. Our centers are strategically located; remote enough to be biosecure and close enough to the main protein producing countries. With multiple locations around the world, we can ensure continuity of supply. Our centers are connected on a genetic level; this ensures we offer our customers the best of the best, everywhere.

There are close to 200 countries in the world today. Through our own locations and our partner network our animal genetics are available in 140 countries. Our geographic spread is enormous, and we are proud to have so many reliable, long-lasting partners around the world, helping to give access to the best genes to any producer, anywhere in the world.


With our clear objective to be a global leader in animal breeding, we refer to the 7 species in which we operate. For some species, they are only recently acquired, so we are still building our market share and presence. In other species we have reached our goal, for example in laying hens, turkeys and trout. However, leading does not just mean being the biggest. We also aim to be the best, that is what defines a true leader.

American agriculture is the most efficient and productive system in the world. We want to be an intrinsic and valuable part of this industry as we have a lot to offer. For that reason we have invested USD 125 million in building up our presence. We have expanded our production bases and increased our market share considerably in poultry and aquaculture. Swine is next in line.

Hendrix Genetics is a family-owned company since its foundation in 2005. The family Hendrix, represented by Thijs Hendrix (President) and the family Van den Berg, represented by Antoon van den Berg (CEO) have had majority shareholding since day one. Due to the ownership structure, Hendrix Genetics is built on family values and a proud farming history

We pride ourselves in being the most diversified animal genetics company with activities in laying hens, turkeys, broilers, swine, salmon, shrimp and trout. We believe that the synergies are unlimited and range from innovative, creative solutions in business challenges, to building a powerful genetic engine for all species by sharing the latest research insights and developing tools together for our breeding programs.

The Netherlands is a small, densely populated country, with more than 1,300 inhabitants per square mile. It’s bereft of almost every resource long thought to be necessary for large-scale agriculture. Yet it’s the globe’s number two exporter of food as measured by value, second only to the United States. The world’s top ranked university in the field of Agriculture is located only 30 miles from the head office of Hendrix Genetics. Many Hendrix Genetics employees started their education there and today, multiple research projects are conducted in close collaboration.

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