SMF 2010SMF 2010

HG Senior Management Forum


From Tuesday February 2nd until Thursday February 4th 2010 Hendrix Genetics organized it's fourth yearly Senior Management Forum meeting at the congress center "Les Pensières" of the Fondation Mérieux at Veyrier du Lac, Annecy, France. The theme of the conference was this time "Progressons Ensemble". The choice for "Les Pensières" Fondation Mérieux was made because in 1976 Institut Mérieux founded INSTITUT DE SÉLECTION ANIMALE (ISA).  In 1997 these breeding activities were merged (with Hubbard from Merck) into Merial (merger of animal health businesses of Merieux/Rhone Poulenc and Merck). Merieux/RP human health developped to Sanofi-Anventis.

On Tuesday the conference was official opened by Guy Malher (He was 40 years in the Mérieux Group and    in 1983 founding father and Président of Rhône Mérieux until its merger into Merial (in combination with the animal health business of Merck USA). Guy was the co-founder of Institut de Sélection Animale (ISA) in 1976 and its Président from 1976 until 1997 when ISA was merged with Hubbard and BUT into Merial).

Antoon van den Berg gave a presentation on the Hendrix Genetics Company followed by financial information   provided by Luc Claessens. The last presentation of the day was presented by Mr. Wout Dekker, CEO of Nutreco: "Feeding the Future". He looked back to the change of Nutreco's strategy "Rebalancing for Growth"  that led to the decision in 2006 to combine the animal breeding activities of Nutreco with Hendrix Genetics.  The day was completed with a historic photoshoot and an excellent dinner. Honorary Chairman of our group,  Alain Audubert, gave his traditional dinnerspeech and made a toast to the Charlemagne Project that brought us to "Les Pensières".

The morning of the second day was spent on presentations from the Managing Directors (Servé Hermans, Ron Slavnik, Laurent Taalbi and Antoon van den Berg) of our different divisions whereby the general theme was how will the division look like in 10 years from now and what needs to be done in the meantime to reach that goal. Food for Thought!

In the afternoon we had invited two outside speakers. The first one was Mr. Alain Simon whose presentation revolved around the theme "Geopolitical Approach of Corporate Strategies" (different ways to look at the world in the past and in the future) and the second one was Mr. René Boender who had a presentation on Value Added Pricing.

On Thursday the staff of Hendrix Genetics in the name of Peter Pluk of Human Resources, Albert van Driel as  General Counsel and Company Secretary, Martin Roelofsen Director Information Management and Gerard Albers Director Research & Technology Centre all gave information of the actions and plans they have developed for their different departments. After a wrap up of Mr. Antoon van den Berg the highly successful conference was closed.