Ties Hendrix 


Farm Saazehof built by Thijs Hendrix (1884-1954) in Ospel, Limburg, the Netherlands

Harry Hendrix 20 years


Farm Saazehof taken over by son Harry Hendrix. Activities: cropfarming, dairy, poultry, pigs.
Harry and Stien Hendrix 1959 Harry Hendrix (1926-2010) starts layer hatchery and layer rearing farm
  1983 Acquisition Valder in Neer, expansion in egg production
  1986 Acquisition egg farm “Horst”

Foundation of Hendrix Poultry Breeders (by Thijs Hendrix, Frans van Sambeek and Peter van der Krabben). Acquisition of Bovans layer breeding company (Stevensbeek, Deil and Oirlo) and the assets of Hypeco-CPI (Coöperatief Pluimveefokkers Instituut) at Nuland

Merger layerbreeding activities 1998 1998 Merger layer breeding activities Hisex (Euribrid-Nutreco Holding NV) and Bovans into Hendrix Poultry Breeders BV, a Nutreco Company
  1998 Acquisition Villa “de Körver”. Former familyhouse of Wim Hendrix, founder of Euribrid, Hendrix Feed (now Nutreco) and Intervet
  2000 Acquisition of DeKalb Poultry Research Inc. USA. Former owner Toshoku Ltd Japan/Cargill
  2004 New Strategy of Nutreco: “Rebalancing for Growth”
  2005 Hendrix Poultry Breeders 100% family owned.
Foundation of Hendrix Genetics 2005 2005 Foundation of Hendrix Genetics BV by Thijs Hendrix and Antoon van den Berg.
  2005 Hendrix Genetics acquires Hendrix Poultry Breeders (Bovans, Hisex, Dekalb, Warren, Kimber), Institut de Sélection Animale (ISA, Shaver, Babcock, Golden Comet) and SFPA.
  2005 Alain Audubert Président Honoraire of Hendrix Genetics
  2005 Acquisition of PIGS-Online, pig breeding technology company (founded in 2002 by Servé Hermans)
  2007 Acquisition of the animal breeding division of Nutreco: Euribrid (Hybro, broilers, Hybrid, turkeys, Hypor, pigs, Plumex, hatching eggs) and the RTC (Research and Technology Center)
  2007 Installation of International Advisory Board (IAB). Members: Richard van Wijnbergen, Aalt Dijkhuizen, Yves Roucaud
  2008 Hybro combined with Cobb-Vantress Inc.. Joint development agreement (JDA) with Cobb-Vantress.

Acquisition of France Hybrides from groupe Glon-Sanders/Sofiprotéol

2008 Acquisition France Hybrides, number 1 privately owned pig breeding company in France. Former owner Glon-Sanders/Sofiprotéol

Sofiprotéol strategic investor


Sofiprotéol S.A., Paris, France, becomes 12% strategic long term shareholder in Hendrix Genetics



2008 Michel Boucly new member of International Advisory Board
  2009 Yves Roucaud steps down from International Advisory Board, to become personal advisor of Thijs Hendrix Beheer BV

Hypor Inc. concludes acquisition of Shade Oak Swine Ltd.

2009 Acquisition of Shade Oak Swine Ltd, pig breeding (Duroc) company in Ontario, Canada. Former owner     Arnold Ypma family

Acquisition Joice and Hill

2009 Acquisition of Joice and Hill Ltd., layer doc distribution company in UK. Former owner Robert Haynes
Harry Hendrix 2010

Passing away of Harry Hendrix on January 14

  2010 Acquisition of Integra a.s., layer distribution company in Czech Republic. Former owner is Nutreco.

Hypor acquires renowned Duroc breeder Designed Genetics

2010 Acquisition of Designed Genetics Ltd., Manitoba, Canada. Former owner family Paul Riese
  2010 Acquisition 3 GPS farms Grelier in France

Landcatch group photo

2010 Entry in Aquaculture breeding with the acquisition of Landcatch and LNS (Lithgow family)


2011 Families Grelier and Hendrix Genetics join forces to create a leading poultry distribution company in France. 


 2013 Hendrix Genetics and Maisadour merge broiler and Guinea Fowl distribution in the South-West of France.